The fresh new pyramid temples kept good and you will strong white and this emanated of brand new amazingly center stuck when you look at the temple design

The fresh new pyramid temples kept good and you will strong white and this emanated of brand new amazingly center stuck when you look at the temple design

The fresh new Highest Priestesses whom joined the forehead emanated a sparkling light out-of indigo blue, signifying the fresh Magdalene architectural template within them. I held for each close to my cardiovascular system whilst would be to such of them which i do turn in the event the times of darkness inserted brand new Atlantean temples. Center mainly based within their implies it protected the inner forehead formations and you will carried uric acid into high hills again and anticipated my personal tips the white off heaven will get excel once more abreast of them.

It is a powerful ancestry, cardiovascular system situated, hit this new gifts off healing, prophesy, tune, and you may dancing. He’s got knowledge about accessibility crystals and rocks, I have imparted far education through the descent of the Magdalenes. From years in order to years there clearly was one particular one who keep this new name in the Magdalene framework, emanating a keen indigo blue colour, and you can silencing your body and mind of every that she seeks. She kits another heart center given that she phone calls to the cardiovascular system of each and every who is associated with the bloodline.

Lapis Lazuli try consisted of into the temples also, since it contains a leading emanation out of light hence integrated the fresh effective style of the candidates going into the temple construction

I’m Melchizedek and that i phone call you now to consider that it Divine lineage regarding whence you started. Carry on your way away from light once more, minister to the people, wake up them to the knowledge. The temples dwell in your body now, you ought to happen to be the center from humankind in your date to day lifestyle, on the trips so you’re able to foreign countries. The heart of the Venusian lessons remains in your blood, it is the bloodline of one’s Ancients, introduced regarding the days of Egypt, through the Solomon Forehead, to your Essenes and along the flatlands towards the countries from the newest Druids, toward Buddhist forehead away from Quan Yin, in order to the large foothills of Indian countries regarding Lakshmi.

The lineage of one’s Blue Flower was stuck regarding the minds of many about days of Avalon and you will registered the newest land regarding France from the theories of one’s spouse to help you Yeshua, The brand new Magdalene or because she’s recognized to some, Mary Magdalene.

You will find oriented stores from the earthly flatlands, and it is through the leaders of every of you one these Venusian theories is generally built again.

I want to thank every one of you who’s started its cardio to those instruction and you can acquired the fresh blue rose in their hearts. You’re every one of which descent and are generally entitled to help you point the latest white of your own cardiovascular system therefore the Female Christ Design toward our planet, make it time in the new quiet to fully found which light.

The order out-of Melchizedek was a governing human anatomy to help in it work, to help in the security associated with the ancestry of light

Your order of Bluish Rose try depending here, throughout these centers, led of the Aphrodite One to, Demeter since the she are understood towards earth in the days you to adopted. The Magdalenes, shining lighting these people were, center centered inside their teachings, it sent brand new origin of light, The new Magdalene design away from light, who would progress mankind on Christed design. Unlock within their hearts, they carried out and danced when you look at the a great good setting. It carried out towards mountain tops and also to the new rivers, they launched the brand new minds with the moving forward society and lead ahead great transform into the energetic forms of white. Healers each, they put its practical the 3rd eye of all the whom do stray kostenlose asiatische Dating-Seiten ohne Bezahlung about think type of Oneness. Inner vision is good in this them, it realized of function of one’s sunlight therefore the days that were to come, they open to the new deluge who engulf the fresh new homes away from Lemuria and you will retreated on mountains from the time of the deluge. From here they visited the newest places, that was to be Atlantis, plus it are here that they built this new temples off white and you will stored rigid for the lessons of Bluish Rose, of your Venusian ancestry. It had been a priestly order, solid throughout the techniques regarding healing, subservient to help you no kid, it sought for this new council of the most extremely Highest and you will spoke securely yet gently every single manage seek counsel.

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